MN-CAR Program

Participants include:
The MN-CAR (Minnesota Certified Automotive Recycler) Program is designed to help ARM members improve their performance as professional recyclers, and will recognize and certify that enrolled members, passing an audit, meet specified general business, environmental, safety, licensing, and regulatory standards. The MN-CAR Program is only open to ARM full members, but participation is completely optional.

The MN-CAR program has been approved and accredited by the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), so MN-CAR certified members who are also members of ARA will be considered to be participating members of ARA's CAR program, and eligible to participate in ARA's Gold Seal Program and enjoy the other benefits offered by ARA. Within the Midwest, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana are also offering state certification programs.

MN-CAR members will be required to satisfy approximately 26 MN-CAR environmental, safety, business, and regulatory standards. The MN-CAR standards are described in an easy-to-use Guidance Manual that will be provided to all participants. MN-CAR members will also be asked to comply with the membership requirements established by ARM. Each facility will be audited to verify compliance with the program and to provide onsite assistance.

Please be aware that enrolling as a MN-CAR program participant does not mean automatic certification. Your facility will first have to pass an inspection/audit by Dave Kendziorski of Stormtech to become certified. Dave is there not only to audit you, but also to assist you in reaching compliance. The results of your MN-CAR audit will be completely confidential. Compliancy issues are not shared with other facilities or regulatory agencies.

MN-CAR will help raise the performance of your operation. Participants will improve their compliance with applicable environmental and safety regulations and reduce their risk of an enforcement action. You will become better informed about regulatory requirements and the professional practices being used by leading recyclers nationwide. Together, we will build a more positive image of the automotive recycling industry in Minnesota, and improve relationships with regulatory agencies, municipalities, environmental groups, and related industries (insurance companies, repair shops, and scrap processors). Other state certification programs have provided opportunities to negotiate for regulatory flexibility, secure grants and other funding sources, receive awards and recognition for innovation, and address new and upcoming issues such as mercury and airbags.

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